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Hey There!

Y’all, this is a short post, but I just had to share the adorableness happening over here.

When little Luna came to us, she was sent with her favorite toys, many of which she still enjoys. One of her favorites was a feather wand that has since gone missing. (Seriously, where do cats put things?!)

I bought her a couple of toy mice that she was never interested in, but somewhere along the line we got the idea to make a huuuge toy wand by tying a boot string to a dowel rod and the toy mouse’s tail.

The length of the dowel rod gives it an extra long reach which means that The Fellow can play with the kitten from the comfort of his chair!

I know, I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous, but she LOVES it. We’ll catch her pawing at the toy and then looking at us or walking from us to the toy and back, asking us to play. It’s the absolute cutest. 

She’s also been spending a lot of time chilling in boxes and baskets around the house. It almost makes me feel guilty to throw/put them away. I’m really considering seeing if I can stage a Christmas basket picture. Knowing our little Luna-tic, she probably won’t play along, but we’ll at least try!

What are your furry friend’s most unlikely favorite toys? Let me know!


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