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Hey there!

I’ve been trolling some online sites looking for true vintage and vintage-inspired pieces lately. My goal is still to ultimately make dresses from those awesome vintage patterns I grabbed, but until my workspace is set up in the basement, I want a less labor-intensive option. (And  online makes it easier to find some neat things rather than being locked into what your area has to offer.)

With this in mind, I’ve started stalking my favorite retro-inspired dolls on Instagram and Pinterest. (Honestly, I’ve been an Instagal over Pinterest.) I think I’ve figured out something about my style. While I love 50s-styled giant novelty skirts and crinolines in bright jewel tones, when it comes to paying out for them, I’d rather have either an early or later piece in muted or earth tones. Right now I’m stuck between loving the 40s and early 60s! (I know, such a weird place to be hanging out!)

I did score locally a few 80s vintage straight skirts with pockets that I’m loving. I feel like more pencil skirts are in my future.

Also, I bought this fun collared shirt I’m obsessed with, and I want to make some more detachable collars to be able to wear under some other sweaters for winter.

I love this lace collar shirt! Also, I don’t think I’ve shown off my awesome haircut in straight form. I’ve wanted to do a true bob for YEARS and never quite got around to it. I LOVE it!

I’m also feeling like some opaque tights are next on my purchase list! Why is it that fall always puts me in a shopping mood? Seriously! I’m trying to declutter my house and at the same time build my wardrobe . . . Yikes!

What are your must-purchase fall items? Do you get a new flannel each Thanksgiving? Let me know!



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