Call the Midwife!

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Hey There!

First things first, I want to thank you all for hanging in with me. These last several posts haven’t been the most creative or exciting, but they have been doing what this blog originally intended, keeping track of what I’ve been up to and keeping me in touch with all of you! I love you all and appreciate your sticking with me.

All I’ve been up to has been cleaning and organizing, researching some SCA Viking stuff, and wishing it would stop raining. I’m not going to lie; the weather is really getting to me. I brought some fairy lights into work to brighten up my grey cubicle, and I need to do some research into a good SAD light. Any suggestions?

When I do have a moment (usually while I’m cooking dinner, right before bed, or while I’m doing my makeup in the morning), I like to throw on a TV show to fill the background silence. Right now I’m 3 seasons deep into Call the Midwife.

It’s a drama centered around a new midwife in the late 50s, early 60s in the East End of London, and it is absolutely phenomenal. The director has a thing about historical accuracy (even so far as no actors are allowed to have highlights!), so there are very few things that make me twitchy, and every episode is full of beautiful dresses to drool over.

Because of this show, I’ve basically decided that corporate neutrals be damned. I want to revamp my wardrobe (again) – vintage style.

I absolutely recommend that you check Call the Midwife out on Netflix, and Season8 should be out on TV soon. Just be careful; it’s a real tear jerker! I cry just about every episode.


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