A Taste of Ireland

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Hey There!

Our friends J and L have been to Ireland a few times, and this time we watched their precious little cat while they were away.

They sweetly asked if they could bring anything back for us, and I asked for two things – Orchard Thieves cider and an authentic Irish scone recipe – and they returned with both!

I was so grateful. Though it turns out cider doesn’t travel internationally very well. The bottles had problems with the pressure, and it eeked out into their luggage! L swore it was no big deal, and the clothes were easily washable. (They had gone hiking, so I’m sure at least some of the clothes were intended for worse conditions than cider.), but I still felt so bad!

What was left of the one bottle tasted as amazing as when I had it in Ireland, and I wish they would bring it to the U.S. (Letter writing or Twitter campaign, anyone?)

I’m still working on the lemon scones I made last weekend, but I’m so excited to make the Irish scone recipe as soon as those are gone.

L and J stayed at an AirBnB, and as luck would have it, they were coming in late one night and caught the hostess making the scones for their morning breakfast. She made them a cup of tea, and they sat and ate scones and chatted (which sounds like the most delightful time), and they asked her if they could have her recipe for me, and I’m so happy that she agreed!

I am sure they are going to be delicious, and I’m so anxious to make a batch! L was told to be sure to make smaller scones as they bake better. I’ve only made a few recipes where things are done by weight instead of cups, so it will be a fun mini-Irish adventure. I’ll let you know how they come out!


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