A Culinary Adventure

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Hey There!

You know that one friend you have that every time you hang out with them you’re in for some kind of adventure? I’ve had a few of those types of friends over the years. You make plans to get together and just hang out, and then somehow you wind up going on a road trip on a whim, trying something crazy, or escaping a bar fight in Spain . . .

We have a friend who is like that with food. When he invites you over for dinner or shows up with a dish, you never know what awesome treat you’re in for! T spends a lot of time hanging out, cooking awesome recipes, and he often creates dishes that are from other cultures.

When we headed up to T’s house to hang out the other day, I knew we’d be eating something good, and he didn’t disappoint!

He prepared for us seolleongtang (which is ox bone soup) and kimchi bokkeumbap (fried rice) along with a tray of side dishes which included fermented cucumbers, fried fish cakes, Korean omelette, puck led radish, seaweedsalad, kimchi, and spicy fried anchovies!

Moonshine in a Teacup Rice

While not all of it was to my taste (I don’t think anchovies are ever going to be a thing I enjoy.), it was such a fun evening hanging out with friends and tasting something new!

Growing up I had 0 experience with foods. I didn’t eat vegetables at all! Thankfully, The Fellow has been good about making me try new things. Mae West once said, “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, and a third time to make sure.” While she wasn’t exactly talking about food, I’ve made this my motto when it comes to new food experiences. (Remember those frog legs?)

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever eaten? Let me know in the comments below!



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