Hurricane Flo and a New Roommate

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Hey There!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying dry. From what I can tell, most of the East coast is getting rain, and with Hurricane Flo heading our way, a lot of us are in for a bumpy ride as we get closer to the weekend!

We had initially planned on taking a second round of wedding photos this weekend, but the more I try to plan something, the more it seems like it is not ever going to happen! I’m not going to lie though; I’m glad to have nowhere to be this weekend. My plan is to stay snuggled up inside and work on the house and enjoy baking things while it’s nasty outside!  I just bought a new high tea cookbook, and some of the recipes look delicious and need to be tested!

It’s funny that even though I feature recipes on my blog, I’ve found lately I’ve been enjoying baking directly from a cookbook over using a Pinterest recipe. Working from an online recipe, I find myself trying to click back and forth, getting flour on my phone or laptop. A friend gifted me The Joy of Cooking, and I’m obsessed. Seriously! The best chocolate chip cookies, EVER! It’s been my go-to for a while when I have a question or need a recipe. There is definitely a reason it’s one of the most published cookbooks in American history.

I’m just hoping the power (and my oven) stays on! I’m also relieved that should something go wrong, even though The Fellow still has to work on Saturdays, I won’t be completely alone in the house – we’ve got a new roommate!

My sister-in-law J has joined the same company that The Fellow and I work for and has taken up residence in our spare room.

It’s certainly going to be an adjustment having someone else in our space, but luckily she’s pretty chill, and we’ve always gotten along. I think I finally need to upgrade my dinner game and start prepping meals in advance some though. It’s harder to just throw something together for three people’s dinners than just two.

We have plenty of candles and lanterns should we lose power, and if worse comes to worst, we can always cook on the grill, so I’m not too terribly concerned about weathering the storm. I am worried about our basement. The Fellow and his grandfather added soil around the edges of our home last fall which prevented it from flooding. (We had issues with that when we first move in.) So far, it’s held up well. We haven’t had any flooding despite all of the rain this year! Hopefully, it will withstand this next storm too.

Do you have any favorite stormy weather recipes you love? What do you do to prepare for a storm? Let me know in the comments below!

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