Bedroom Plans

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Hey There!

We’ve been working to get the house cleaned and organized, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – for the bedroom anyway.

We bought a GIANT hutch to organize my clothes a month or two back. Somehow I managed to take the measurements of the hutch, doors, ceiling and wall space, but I didn’t measure the hallway!

We tried so many times to inch it and scoot it and twist it to fit into our bedroom, but there was just no way! Finally, a buddy came over and took the molding off of the top and bottom of the hutch, and we finally got it into the bedroom. I love having my clothes all organized, and it’s allowed me to work on organizing The Fellow’s clothes too!

We’ve been slowly buying matching pieces for the bedroom. First the headboard, now the hutch. The next thing I need is a dresser.

I’m a little obsessed with navy ticking for bedding, so I’m getting together a full bed set of it. I like the old-time farmhouse vibe it gives. The only issue I’m having is that I don’t know if it goes with my curtains.

I’m really struggling with the curtains because I’m not convinced that I want to get rid of my stressed Boho vibe and go full on farmhouse. I’m going to play around with it some, but wanted your thoughts!

What do you think? Can you mix Boho and farmhouse style? Help me out!


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