Vintage Dresses!

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Hey There!

Guys, I’m so excited! Joann’s is in the middle of their coupon commotion, and I went into the store with one goal in mind – patterns.

The Fellow has hooked me up with both a new sewing machine and serger, and I’m excited to tackle a few sewing projects that have been hanging around (new bedroom curtains, anyone?).

I figured that since I finally have a machine that I can work, it might be a good time to start stretching my skills.

I’ve been ogling several vintage dresses on sites like Unique Vintage, Pinup Couture, Tatyana, and Trashy Diva and just never can quite stomach the $60-$100 price tags. My bargain hunter instinct kicks in, and I just can’t click “buy.”

What I could stomach was a 3 for $5 pattern sale! I bought 5 vintage/pin-up style patterns, and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect fabrics!

I will let you know when I undertake this project and the results!

Moonshine in a Teacup| Vintage Dresses

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