Pennsic Recap

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Hey There!

I know you guys haven’t missed a post, but I’ve been checked out on vacation for a week!

It was SOOOO good to step back from technology and just relax and enjoy our week. You know how you always forget something when you pack? Well, I really try my hardest not to, and I’m usually pretty good about checking and rechecking my lists. (You go to 4-H camp just one year without a towel, and you learn.)

Even though I had my lists made, and I had the camp table stacked in the room with the rest of the camping gear, we somehow left without it. Fortunately, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I just couldn’t lay things out and keep some of our totes covered like I usually do.

I was excited to actually make it to a class this year, not all of the classes I wanted to, but at least one. I think next year I’m going to try to get the schedule in advance, so that I can plan my week. The class I did make it to was on Anglo Saxon cooking. The instructor made the most amazing salmon and an air-dried beef we all were able to sample.

I’m not a fish person, but that salmon was amazing.  I’m hoping to be able to get the recipe from the instructor and duplicate it!

I surprisingly hardly spent any time in the market. I went down to my two or three favorite shops, grabbed my purchases, and then didn’t spend much more time browsing. I know that I’m not going to pay for garb there as I can make it cheaper at home, and the tribal/leather work things don’t really entice me any longer. So I didn’t spend much time there.

We brought a friend with us for his first Pennsic experience and I think he had fun. I, at least, had a blast introducing him to new things. We made sure he hit the top Pennsic must-dos, like standing in the lantern yurt after dark, watching a battle (We even got him to try on a helmet!), partying in the bog, walking around the lake, napping in camp, working on crafty projects at an arts and science event, and going to court. I think he had fun, but time will tell if he comes back to other events. I hope he does!

I was, more or less, in charge of the kitchen this year, but two of the five meals came frozen and only needed sides. Since I had two evening events, the camp jumped in and helped cook and made sure I was where I needed to be for which I am so grateful. It was such a fun week. Camp mates would pull up their chairs into the kitchen and sit and chat and help. I love it!

I particularly loved making breakfast. We had eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, French toast, and one day we made sausage gravy and skillet biscuits which I was surprised turned out really well.

I think next year I may try some hearth cooking just on the side for fun. I’ve never done it before, and I’m really curious about that process.

As always we spend our evening rambling, and I think I was only back in camp before 2:30 one night. Most nights it was actually around 3:00 a.m., and then I was up at 7:30 a.m. to make breakfast. Thankfully, camp coffee is just about my favorite thing ever, and napping in camp in the afternoon/evening is a close second.

I had promised myself that I would do 3 things at Pennsic:

  1. Go to classes
  2. Get a chai latte from the Turkish coffee bar
  3. Get a chocolate milkshake.

I only managed to get one of those things actually done. But that’s ok.

On the way home, we stopped at this old-school, drive-in type ice cream joint  to hit my ice cream craving.  I didn’t get a milkshake though; I got a chocolate bowl with chocolate sprinkles. The Fellow did get a milkshake, but a black raspberry one. It was delectable. Next year some of the friends we camp with are going to caravan home with us, and we will all stop there for some yummy frozen treats.

This year we and two friends stopped at The Fellow’s grandparents’ home as a midpoint on our drive. We swam and had dinner there and sat on the porch talking until our friends headed home. We were so tired we opted to stay the night instead. It was a wonderful evening, and the perfect close to a great vacation!

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