Dreading Winter

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Hey There!

Guys, I’m sick of rain. Sick and tired to death. Hobby Lobby already has their fall decorations up, and it truly is anxiety-inducing. Summer is going to be drawing to a close and with all of the rain we are getting – next to no sunshine. Fall is coming which always passes too quickly, and then we’re back to winter.

I don’t know if  I officially deal with seasonal depression, but the older I’ve gotten the more the concept of winter terrifies me. Thankfully, last year was mild, but winter has the potential to be so cold, bitter, and dark, and I’m just absolutely dreading it.

If I’m going to be somewhere where it’s rainy all the time, I’d rather it be Ireland or England – somewhere where gloomy can be construed as romantic!

We were chatting with some friends this past weekend who are gearing up for their next Ireland trip. They rent a tiny cottage in a town they adore and travel out when they want from that home base.

L’s Facebook feed the other day reflected her longing for  Ireland’s green hills and a warm fire in the cottage. With all the rain here lately, I could go for some of the same!

Moonshine in a Teacup|Cliffs of Moher

I can’t wait to live vicariously through her pictures and hear all of her stories over a cup of tea when they are back stateside.

I’m hopeful we’ll be able to travel some more in the next few years, maybe back to Ireland, or someplace new (maybe even sunny). But for now, I’m just going to sip some tea, with a fuzzy blanket, and avoid the fall section of Hobby Lobby until at least mid-September and dream of Ireland instead of dreading winter.Moonshine in a Teacup| Cliffs of Moher

What are your tricks for beating the winter blues?

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