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A Bizarre Cure for Hiccups

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Hey There!

Thanks so much for your comments and feedback on my Vintage Camper Remodel here, on Facebook, and in person! I really appreciate all of the thought you put into my little project!

I think after much conversation and deliberation I’m going to stick with keeping as much of Rosie Lee’s interior original as I can. We most likely won’t get back down to work on her until the middle of August, but I’m so excited to keep moving forward and share the journey with you!

We had a family reunion this past weekend, and the camper was a hot topic. My aunt and uncle have been RV camping for a while, and my cousin and her family just bought a camper. I’m seeing family camping trips in the future, and I can’t wait!

I love family reunions because it gives us a chance to get together and catch up with what everyone has been doing during the past year, and allows us to bond with family members we may not have visited much with when I was a kid living two states away.

After that fabulous weekend, I had to go back to work. It’s been a rough week already as we’re working short-staffed, and when  it rains, it pours. I decided to relax in the break room with a cup of coffee for a quick minute only to get the hiccups! One of the ladies at work showed me how to stop squeaking, so I just had to share this bizarre trick with you!

This is going to be tricky to describe in writing, so stick with me, ok?

First, you’ll need a glass of water, then bend over and instead of drinking the water from the normal side, drink from the opposite side of the glass. You’ll need to focus on making sure you don’t spill it on yourself!

If that’s incredibly confusing, you can watch a cute video demonstration (not by me) here.

I was super happy it worked because it’s really not fun to be squeaking super loudly in a very quiet office!

Let me know what your tried and true hiccup cures are!

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