Pineapple Pork

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Hey There!

I’ve missed you guys! I hate to miss a post, but our summer is in full swing. Our past weekend was jammed packed with fun!

We left work on Friday and headed straight up the road to a friend’s river lot where we got a little Pennsic practice in as we hung out until the wee hours of the morning with friends and campfires.

Since it was a short trip, and I really hate to mess with putting the tent up, we “camped” in my Jeep.


I figured that at this point I should be old enough to know better than to sleep in the back of my car. I was afraid my neck would hate me for it the next day, but it was convenient for a one-night stay.

Thankfully, it wasn’t as much of a rough night as I was anticipating. We put the back seat down, so we had a flat surface and tossed our Pennsic futon mattress down, grabbed a few blankets and pillows, and we were good to go.

If you remember from our Summer Project update, we purchased some curtains from Ikea to screen in our back porch which we quickly learned would not work with our brick. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to make the drive to return them, so they’ve been hanging around the house. We decided we may as well use one set as bug netting so we could leave the windows down and breathe.

The next morning we went on a 3-hour tube float which was amazing! I forget how much I enjoy things like that until I’m doing one!

I had double booked our Saturday, so after we got off of the river, we hurried home Saturday afternoon to host a beach party. Since I knew that I was going to be tight on time, I prepped almost everything in advance including our Pineapple Pork shoulder!


I am the odd one out in my family as I love pineapple and pork. Hawaiian pizza? Sign me up! The rest of the family, not so much, so I don’t get this yummy combo too often. Since this was a friend not family gathering, I got to add a little tropical flair to our menu with the sliced pineapple rings. And really, they just make a hunk of pork look better.

You know how much The Fellow loves his new grill, and typically he handles the meat prep for our cookouts, but we just didn’t have time to slow smoke the meat with everything else we had going. I tried out a hybrid approach which thankfully worked amazingly well!


We cooked the pork shoulder in the Crock-Pot overnight; then smoked it in the grill for an hour to re-heat and serve. It was a win-win – quick, easy, and the meat still had that glorious smokey flavor.

I was really pleased with the simple seasoning we used as well: 1 can of pineapple rings, some salt, pepper, and red pepper to taste. It turned out sooo well!

What are your summer favorites?

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