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I mentioned in last week’s post that I’d be making scones for my company’s UniTea party. I thought I’d take today to share some of the behind-the-scenes pictures with you!

Some of my favorite work ladies were the masterminds behind the event, and I was so honored to have been asked to help.

It was a nice excuse to reuse the tea things from our wedding. Between myself and two other ladies, we had enough teacups and saucers for the entire corporate building!

Moonshine in a Teacup| Unitea

One of the ladies happens to be a talented floral arranger, and she let me try my hand at helping arrange flowers into teapots for the centerpieces. (This is not a strong suit of mine which is why I firmly said no real flowers at my wedding.)

She was so sweet about it and just quietly went along after fixing up my sad little centerpieces. After the tea, we moved the centerpieces to the lobby and some friends’ desks to brighten the place up. I’m still enjoying the one on my desk!

Moonshine in a Teacup| Unitea

One of the fellows at work homebrews beer and brought in his large brew kettle and  propane tank to heat our water, and the ladies procured from some unknown source 3 carafes to hold the hot water.

All of the ladies baked homemade scones using JG’s Amazing Scone Recipe with different variations. There were apple cinnamon, caramel apple, white chocolate, white chocolate & orange cranberry, blackberry walnut, and my plain scones served with a mock Devonshire Cream.

Moonshine in a Teacup| Unitea

We also made a variation of a traditional cucumber tea sandwich by piping cream cheese onto a cracker and topped it with cucumber and dill. There was fresh fruit, biscotti, petite palmiers, and an assortment of teas.

We had two dedicated times slots, one at 2 and the other at 3 for our large wave of tea party goers, but individuals could also drop by throughout the hour for shorter 15 min. time slots as well. We set the food out in waves, and it went really smoothly for how many people we were serving!

It made me smile to see how reluctant people were to let us take and wash their teacups for them. Several people refused altogether and insisted on cleaning their own cup!

Moonshine in a Teacup| Unitea

To help people mix and mingle, we had origami set out on the tables so people could chat and help each other. It was such a fun event! I didn’t stop moving from 12 when we began setting up until my shift was over at 5. The food was delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and serving with some of my favorite people while I met others within our organization. I’m thinking there’s talk about this being an annual occurrence, and considering how much I love a proper cup of tea and how much time we spend at work, I hope it is!

What are your favorite work mixers you’ve attended? Let me know in the comments!

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