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Kickball Update

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Hey There!

If you recall from my summer update, The Fellow and I joined a local kickball team with some others from work. I promised you stories, and now I have them!

Now, I hate to say it, but I haven’t been doing much exercising lately. It’s been a year since I’ve really run, and I literally cannot recall the last time I kicked a ball. However, The Fellow wanted to play, so play we did.

Honestly, I’m not doing half bad! I have some power behind my kicks even if my reflexes are a bit slow. Often, I laughingly say that I’m “weak as a newborn kitten” (I have nerve damage and other shoulder/arm issues from an accident years ago, so sometimes I’m not the most help with lifting and carrying), but regardless, it’s never nice to be underestimated.

In two separate games, I’ve surprised the opposing team, and boy does that feel great!

At the first game, on my first kick, the guys shouted, “Move it in” (which to be fair is a thing most teams do when they see what they assume will be a weak kicker – usually female). From a purely strategic view, it makes total sense. By the last time I kicked, they yelled, “Alright – look alive.”  When we lined up for the end of game high fives, one guy told me, “Nice kicking!” as our hands slapped.

In another game, I caught a seriously hard-kicked ball. (Right?! Kicking, catching, running, and not falling. I’m pretty proud of myself over here.) When walking off the field, the guy who had kicked it said, “Nice catch!” I didn’t think anything more about it until the end of the game when we went around for high fives, and he repeated it again.

I was telling The Fellow about it in the car, when he told me, “Yea, he said it twice because he was impressed. I overheard him telling his teammates that he was just going to slam it as hard as he could, and he figured no one would be able to catch it.”

Yupp, I’m one proud sister over here.

The Fellow, bless his heart, hasn’t been doing quite as well. We were pretty sore after the first game, and in the second game on his very first kick he pulled something in his leg and went out for the game. He hobbled home and spent two days with ice, elevation, and a cane and another week with a limp!

What are your proud girl power moments? Let’s celebrate them in the comments!

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