Summer Projects Update

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Hey There!

Today I just want to sit down and chat and get you caught up with what’s going on with the Fellow and me. You, me, and a cup of tea. Sound good?

May is our busiest month of the summer. It is completely booked and moving SO fast! I’m photographing what I am sure is a going to be a fantastic wedding (It’s themed; any guesses on what theme?), hosting a Mother’s Day brunch, the Fellow and I joined a kickball league (of all things! I’m sure some great stories are headed your way on that one!), and we are taking a long weekend for a SCA mini-event which my soul sorely needs.

Amid all of those things, we’re also working on our cottage, as I’ve decided to call our house. ( I am obsessed with old farmhouses and English cottages, so I figured, why not?)

As you may recall, two years ago, after the Fellow firmly shut down any dreams I had of living in a tiny house, we started house hunting (a process that took over 2 years and the world’s most patient real estate agent). We looked at every imaginable combination of houses and price points.

We soon realized we needed a reality check. We weren’t on a HGTV house-flipping show, and while I’m crafty, I’m really not the best with construction. We stopped looking at extreme fixer-uppers and started looking at move-in ready options with just cosmetic issues we could upgrade slowly.

The Fellow had his heart set on a brick rancher, and I wanted something cute with a porch and not red brick. (Yes, I was being particular, but I’d also lived in several depressing apartments and wanted to love where I lived.) See our dilemma?  After looking at well over 20 houses, he realized that he couldn’t get past his love of a good, solid, durable brick house.

I, on the other hand, could paint over my dislike of red brick. So we struck up a deal. He could have his brick rancher, and I could paint it.

We found our 1960s red brick rancher, and I fell in love with it while leaning over the pass-through kitchen window chatting to the real estate agent and my parents. I love the secluded backyard with a porch, and I could see myself baking and watching kids play through the window over the sink.

I’m pretty sure the Fellow was banking on me forgetting our brick deal (just like the deal where I wouldn’t get a pixie hair cut if he would never have only a mustache . . . Can I just remind you of our engagement photos?)

But I stuck to my guns. After a lot of Pinteresting and Googling, I decided I would limewash the house. I love the patchy-aged look it gives, and it covers that red. I  promise I will have a whole post dedicated to limewash along with a big reveal of what the house looks like once I get it all finished, but I wanted to give you this sneak peek in the mean time!

Limewash Sneakpeek Moonshine In A Teacup

Along with tackling painting the house by my lonesome (I knew it was a big job, but I admit that I underestimated just how big.), we are working on creating our outdoor living space. We built a fire pit and are revamping the porch.

We’ve also got projects going inside the house. We are slowly finding furniture to upgrade the things we’ve been dragging around since college, and I am so excited to upgrade and decorate our space!

Lots of stuff going on and moving slowly but surely forward. That’s where we are at the moment. I am so excited to share it all with you!

What summer projects are you gearing up for?

7 thoughts on “Summer Projects Update

  1. I am happy to get some appropriate plants for your new outdoor area as I really think YOU need chamomile!!

  2. We are tearing off our front porch and replacing it with composite flooring, I am Never painting it again ! Demo Day is tomorrow. I am leaving and going to the Garden Fair at Blandy,

    1. Whew, that’s a big project, but I’m sure it will be beautiful! When we put our porch on and fix the back porch I want something that I don’t have to paint as well! I may have to come check out yours for ideas!

  3. Knitting a summer throw soon, it was too hot to knit it in the summer (autumn here @ the moment).

    1. I love it! I started a blanket for The Fellow a long time ago when we started dating, then I read some article about the “curse” of knitting a sweater or blanket for a new relationship, a lot of times the time it takes to knit the blasted thing is just how long you need to realize you’re not that into them. The more I worked on it the more convinced I was that the myth was true so I put it away, convinced finishing it will jinx our relationship. We’re married and I’m still not touching the thing 😉

      1. Oh dear what a bad typo on my name, supposed to say arjaye. Awh cool about the balnket. I have heard of the sweater curse for boyfriends but not the blanket curse. I’m doomed I finished a blanket for my fiancé a few years ago, still together 😄 Yes they do take a long time unless you use large needles and chunky yarn.

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