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Baking through Literature

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Hey There!

Do you remember BOOK IT! through Pizza Hut? Or summer reading programs at your local library? Every summer, I would sign up for these programs (OK, like 3 of these programs). I would go to the library and emerge with a tote bursting at the seams with new adventures. Looking back, I’m surprised our family vehicle made it to the beach. It was over the weight capacity from just my “beach books.”

For some reason now though, I don’t make as much time in my life to read. I have several old friends I need to revisit, and so many new friends I need to make. I’m embarrassed to share this with you, but there are several classics I haven’t read yet. I left Anna Karenina in the middle, and I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice. (I know. I know. We can still be friends, right?)

The other day I was watching the movie adaptation of Anne of Green Gables (the Megan Follows adaptation, as if there were anything else), and I began to yearn for Anne in her later years. Anne of Green Gables is a character that you grow with, and every few years I go back to her to see what lessons she can teach me. And then we came to it. The tea scene. If you haven’t read or watched Anne of Green Gables, you cannot understand the heartbreak that comes with Diana Berry’s accidental intoxication over afternoon tea.

Then it hit me. Why don’t I use MiaT as my reason to do two things I love: read and bake?

Baking through Literature. Starting this month, at least one post each month will bring you recipes for food/baked goods from the books that I read.

I am so excited to get back my reading time, share my favorite characters with you, and bake some delicious treats!

What are your favorite books? What should I put on my reading list? Let me know in the comments below!

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