Nail Polish and Street Performers

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Hey There!

As you all know, Fridays are my Self-Care days, when I relax and paint my nails. Sometimes I buy a new nail polish, and no matter what the bottle says it never quite looks the same. As you may have seen on the MiaT Facebook or Instagram feed this week, I went for a rose gold metallic. I didn’t realize it was going to be quite so, well, metallic.

moonshine in a teacup nail polish metalic

I’m committed though, so it will last me the next few days until my next paint job.

Sometimes I forget that I have readers who haven’t gotten the chance to sit down with me for a cup of tea and really talk. One thing you should know about me (if my writing a blog didn’t make it clear) is that my communication style is storytelling. One thing sparks a memory and then another. The next thing you know we’re best friends, and you know half the weirdness that is my life.

Now that you know to expect random stories from me – back to the one at hand. All week this nail polish color has reminded me of when I went to Spain for a concert tour with my college choir. We went to several locations, and at each one of the larger cities we saw street performers!

Street Performer Moonshine In A Teacup

Each performer had their own different routine. The acts that fascinated me though were the metallic-painted people. They stood completely still like they were a statue or an art installment. If you were distracted, you could almost walk past them without noticing them. However, when you dropped a euro into their collection jar, they would jerk alive and chirp and whirr (that’s the best description I can give you of the sounds) as if they were a wind-up doll and go through their mechanical movements.

Street Performer Moonshine In A Teacup
Yup, that’s me with a pixie cut. I actually got that haircut while on this trip in Sevilla. The music group had quite a week of Barber of Seville jokes!

Usually, the act consisted of small movements, like a bow or series of head movements. My nail polish reminded of the the golden lady in the next picture. When she received a donation, she would spin her flower.

I remember reading this list that a teacher gave his students of rules for life. One of the rules was, “If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck,” and I completely agree. Where did you see your favorite street performer and what was their act? Tell me in the comments below!

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