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The Year Daddy Buried the Easter Eggs

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Hey There!

How was your Easter? I hope it was fantastic!

On Easter morning, we picked up Grammy and headed over the mountain to my parents’ house for our traditional ham dinner and Easter egg hunt.

This year my mother was excited about my brother and I taking on making the deviled and pickled eggs. After much debate among the family as to the best way to make deviled eggs (My brother’s vote for hot sauce in the yolk mixture did not win), I brought these lovely pastel eggs.

I love how my  mother decorates her table for each holiday, and this year we used the DIY Easter Napkin Ties from last week’s post.

After dinner, we had our annual Easter egg hunt. Yes, we’re nearly 30 and married and that Easter egg hunt is going nowhere. My folks love it.

Every year, my father gets trickier with his egg hiding. Remember that episode of Gilmore Girls when Taylor lets Kirk hide all the eggs for the Stars Hollow Easter egg hunt, and he doesn’t make a map? That’s what it’s like. Every year. We always end up looking for those last three eggs.

Now, since we do this every year, and the egg hunt area is relatively small, I have a pretty good idea where the eggs tend to wind up. This year though Daddy went into full-on stealth mode. I actually took pity on the Fellow’s sad 6 eggs and showed him the correct way to look for the invisible eggs.

My father had buried some of the eggs along the base of the trees covered in fallen pine needles or leaves.

Can you find the Easter egg?

After we located all of the eggs, we regrouped on the deck to do a final tally and open our winnings.

Then we went back inside to warm up, drink a little coffee, and enjoy some family time before heading back home.

What are your favorite Easter traditions and Easter egg hiding spots? Tell me in the comments!

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