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Ireland: Dromoland Castle

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Hey, there! I am excited to bring you the next and final story from our Irish Adventures – our stay at Dromoland Castle.

After leaving the Cliffs of Moher, we headed to our last hotel. This was the one I was most looking forward to – Dromoland Castle. Yupp. We stayed in a for real, stone walls, big towers, horse-drawn carriage, and a suit of armor in the lobbycastle. 

I know I’ve said it the whole way through these posts, but we were seriously unprepared for the level of hotels we had booked.  We headed through the estate gates and started winding our way past the golf courses and gardens to the main entrance of Dromoland Castle.

It was beautiful. The Dromoland has many activities you can take part in such as golf, falconry, archery, and more. I wish we had more time there. Our room was in one of Dromoland’s wings. On the way there, we caught a glimpse of a giant chess board. If it had not been raining, I would’ve been all about playing a game of giant chess!

Our room was smaller than the last two hotels, but private and cozy. We got settled in and discussed what to do for dinner. You know how towards the end of a trip, no matter how much fun you are having, you get exhausted? The only thing you want is your own bed. We were at that point in the journey. We figured it would be a good night to just grab dinner at the hotel restaurant. Unfortunately, we didn’t pack the appropriate clothing to meet their dress code. I learned later we could’ve eaten at the clubhouse.  Hungry, we decided to bumble into town and grab dinner at the local pub.

We opted to split a final pub meal and then stop at a store to grab some snacks/ beverages and head back to the room to snuggle up and watch some Irish Tv. After asking directions from some locals, we wound up at a store that was similar to our Target, but I cannot for the life of me recall the name. (I think it also started with a D. If you know, help me out!)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I love The Great British Baking Show. While we were running around the store grabbing chocolate (They had kinder eggs!) and beverages, we swung by the baked goods section. The bakery had pre-made Mary Berry cakes! It came with an icing pen, so you could do your own lettering, and I very nearly bought it. (Hey, it was our honeymoon. Cake is allowed for celebrations, right?)

We headed back to our room with our prizes to discover our bed had been turned down, and there were chocolates on our pillows! We really enjoyed that low-key evening.

The next morning we went to eat breakfast in the dining room. Breakfast has a much less formal dress code.

It was drizzling, and we were seated by a window overlooking the lake. I could’ve stayed right there with a cup of tea in my hand forever.

Unfortunately, that was our last morning in Ireland. We went back to the room, packed up, tossed our bags in the car, and since we had a bit of time went for a quick stroll through Dromoland’s gardens.

I’m so glad we added that little stop because the castle’s gardens were adorable! Along one of the walls was a fairy garden. It featured art pieces, little fairy doors on the trees, and signs which said things like, “Shh . . . fairies sleeping.”

We finished exploring the gardens and headed to the airport, turned in our rental car, and headed back to the States.

Home is always the best place to be, don’t you agree?

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