20 Gaelic Words and Phrases for Your St. Patrick’s Day Meal

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Hey there everyone, I can’t believe that it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! What a perfect time to be finishing up the rest of our Ireland adventures. I have the last part of that series heading out your way Friday, wait until you see those photos!  Today I wanted to share with you a neat fact about St. Patrick’s Day.

(Read this next sentence in your best, cheesy game show host voice.) Did you know? The week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Ireland as Irish Language Week! We heard a bit of Irish (Gaelic) on our trip but we didn’t try to speak it ourselves. We may just have to change that this St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day Moonshine in a Teacup

Since we all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (Irish or not), I’ve made a list of some key Gaelic words and phrases so you can take your St. Patrick’s Day dinner to the next level! Things always sound better in another language, don’t you agree?

(Click here  to download this free printable sheet for your dinner guests.)

  • salann – salt
  • piobar – pepper
  • aran – bread
  • càise – cheese
  • feòil – meat
  • buntàta – potato
  • tì – tea
  • cofaidh – coffee
  • cèic – cake
  • An bhfuil ocras ort? – Are you hungry?
  • Cha toigh leam – I don’t like
  • Is maith liom – I like
  • An mbeidh níos mó agam? – May I have some more?
  • tá – yes
  • uimh – no
  • Is féidir liom Guinness a fháil? – May I please have a Guinness?
  • Bhí an dinnéar go maith. – Dinner was good.
  • Tá sé go maith. – It’s good.
  • Go raibh maith agat. – Thank you.
  • Tá fáilte romhat – You’re welcome.

Do you have big plans for St. Patrick’s Day? What about a special meal you always prepare? I’d love to try your favorites! Let me know if you use the above phrases and how they work out. Share the story in the comments!

One thought on “20 Gaelic Words and Phrases for Your St. Patrick’s Day Meal

  1. My mother’s Irish soda bread is one of my favorite traditions. Although I must admit, I leave out the caraway seeds—no matter how many times I try them, I just don’t like them!

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