Killarney 2: Killarney National Park

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After another delicious breakfast and a rough morning of planning (spontaneous planning sometimes doesn’t work out so well), we headed out. I wanted to drive the Ring of Kerry, and at this point in the trip, the only place the Fellow wanted to drive was to the airport – after which, he’d never have to drive on the “wrong” side of the road again. But he was very sweet the entire trip making sure I got to do whatever I wanted, and we headed out on a 4-hour drive in one big circle.

We started on the drive and maybe 15 minutes in, we saw a sign for Killarney National Park and knowing we had a drive the next day, I suggested we abandon 4 hours in the car and spend the day hiking and exploring. I have zero regrets about that decision.

Lake at Muck Ross House_ Moonshine in a teacup


Killarney National Park is home to Ross Castle, and Muckross House. While we didn’t go inside, the outside of the building was beautiful. It was so easy to imagine seeing faded shapes of servants, lords, and ladies floating past as we walked around the grounds.

This was hands-down probably my favorite day of the trip.

muck ross house_ moonshine in a teacup
Muckross House


For me, the best part was when we headed off the main path down to a lake with a beach! I could’ve spent all day just there and wished we had a picnic tea to enjoy as we sat on a piece of driftwood.

lake at muckross house_moonshine in a teacup

After that, we hiked out through the pasture where we got to see some of the famous Killarney Red Deer before reaching Torc Waterfall.

It was chillier here than anywhere else on the trip, and the mist bordered more on real rain. The higher up on the path to the waterfall, the more the mist turned to rain. We got pretty soaked but had a blast.



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