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After we ate our fish and chips, we ran about Dublin for a bit. As we wandered, I saw an awesome old church and wanted to get a closer look. As luck would have it, it was also the site of the Molly Malone statue! For not having a plan, we actually managed to see a lot in Dublin.

We made a mistake and bought a hop-on-hop-off bus pass for a fairly pretty penny, then only hopped off once . . . at the Guinness Storehouse.

This was the Fellow’s big thing he wanted to do on our trip, so we hit it our first day. It was really a blast! You can buy a few different tickets. We opted for the self-guided tour without the audio. It was a neat experience. They had some antique pieces of machinery set up as installations with facts and background and some cool interactive video displays. We could’ve spent way more time there.

While the Fellow was absorbing everything he could, I ducked into their onsite coffee bar for some much-needed caffeine. While I drank my Java, we headed over to let him “Pour a Perfect Pint” and made some new friends in the line.

While waiting our turn, we struck up a conversation with the folks around us – a girl from Chicago and a Canadian fellow and his mum who were on a trip for her birthday. We chatted during the line and then split after the experience, only to all wind up back together at the Gravity Bar a little while later.

We all hit it off, and they asked if we’d like to join them for dinner. The Canadian fellow had met an Irish girl while on a previous trip to Budapest and had made plans to meet up for dinner that night, so they called ahead and added us to the reservations at The Lotts Cafe Bar.

We had the neatest meal – a steak which they seared for 60 seconds on each side, and then let you finish cooking the rest of the way on a hot stone right at your table. I thought it was pretty special, but the Irish girl informed us most pubs offer the same type of special.

We sat at the cafe for a few hours watching soccer and talking about things in our countries and comparing cultures (They were aghast of USA maternity leave!) until the Irish girl had to head home as she worked in the morning.

The Canadians, the Fellow, and I decided to stick together and head out for some “Trad” music as we were informed they call Traditional Irish Music and went looking for a pub. The place we initially were headed for was a long hike, so we asked a gentleman on the street for a recommendation . . .

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