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Sorry for the delay, all. I’m working to get the house organized, so I can start decorating for Christmas, but I am excited about sharing some of our honeymoon adventures with you!

For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. Therefore, the honeymoon location was a no-brainer. We booked through Costco Travel (no affiliate links here, just a 100% impressed customer). Basically, I knew roughly where we wanted to go, and they booked us into hotels they had nearby. I knew we would be staying in nice hotels, but didn’t bother to research them. Scary, right?  IT worked out SO well.

Actually, I’ve never stayed in such crazy, nice hotels!  I’ll touch on each hotel as I go; don’t worry.

Our rental car and airfare were included in our package. We flew out of Dulles on British Airways. On the way over, our plane was incredibly nice. We had pondered the idea of upgrading to business class as a treat, but it was WAY too much money per person.


Obligatory plane selfie


The longest part of the trip was from the US to Heathrow Airport in London; then we transferred to a commuter flight to Dublin. We shared the flight from the US with a large portion of the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so that was a neat experience. We got lucky and our row of seats wasn’t full, so we could spread out a bit and try to sleep. But as expected, it wasn’t very restful.

When we finally got to Dublin, we found our shuttle driver. The driver was a blast, greeting us in Irish (Irish mind you, not Gaelic), and pointing out neat sights around Dublin before dropping us at the Westin Hotel.

We loved the Westin. It was super nice, and the bed was amazing. We were so tired we laid down for a quick nap, and then headed out to grab some food before we went to explore Dublin.


One of my bridesmaids had been to Dublin and insisted we visit Leo Burdocks for their fish and chips. It turned out to be just a block or two from our hotel.

The fish and chips were yummy, but what stood out the most was the music – 80s pop! And not bands we’d never heard of, but Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Honestly, the music threw us off the whole trip. If we weren’t in a pub listening to traditional Irish music (or “Trad” music as they called it), it was things like Billy Joel’s “Brown-Eyed Girl” or Toto’s “Africa.” Not at all what we were expecting.

Next post we’ll finish our time in Dublin, including our tour of the Guinness Factory and meeting some new friends.

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