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Our Enchanted Wedding – Part III

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Alright y’all, are you ready for the next post about our wedding?

We enjoyed a wonderful buffet meal catered by the same restaurant that had catered my parents’ wedding. Well, the guests and my groom did anyway that is. I only had a tiny bit of pulled pork and potato salad. I completely missed the chicken, but I did get to sample one single delicious meatball (stolen straight off of a bridesmaid’s fork – lol). We didn’t do any toasts or speeches, although my MOH had written one which she shared with me later:

“My goodness. You got married today. Once upon a time. At dance weekend, my first dance weekend, there was this incredible moon at the dance Saturday night. There were a group of people discussing nerdy things I had no clue of, but I was really infatuated with this ring that seemed to encompass all 500 acres of Jackson’s Mill. C was the only one to see the beauty I saw in that ring. From then on, we were friends. The type of friends who discuss boys and heart break (which came for us multiple times in many different forms). Then when we were about to age out of dance weekend, there was this boy – who I was skeptical of, because, if you knew her choices… It was different. It was good. The whole weekend was spent picking apart this boy. Then she told me he was a knitter. I told her to marry him. Today she did. Here’s my speech/toast. I l.o.v.e love you, all the t.i.m.e time.”

It’s funny because I’ve wondered a few times if she remembered that moon, and moons were certainly a theme for the day.

Our wedding dance songs were an interesting mix. The Father-Daughter Dance was to Forever Country, a mix of Country Roads, On the Road Again (a nod to all of our WV road trips), and ending with I Will Always Love You. Yes, I bawled like a baby.

The Fellow and his mother danced to In My Life by the Beatles, and we finished the dances out with My Lady’s House by Iron and Wine. After that, we cut the cake and settled down to just relax for an hour or so.

We left the reception in the same Beetle I had arrived in to head to a campfire with our reenacting friends.

As if there was any doubt I’d be barefoot on my wedding day.

That night the head of our household walked with me to grab a bottle of water from the fridge and stopped me in the field. He turned me to where the moon was shining right above the trees and made me stop for a moment just to breathe and enjoy the view of our wedding moon.

After returning to the campfire, we continued celebrating our wedding with a special gift – a wedding-themed teacup from which to sip my moonshine as we sat around the fire. I truly couldn’t think of a more fitting way to finish a truly spectacular day than with the most wonderful of people at the start of being married to the most wonderful of men.

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