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Our Enchanted Wedding – Part II

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Alright kids, here we go with part two of our wedding!

As I mentioned earlier I was a little serious about my timeline so at exactly 12:29, my father started the drive from the picture area to the pavilion in my 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

As soon as we got out of the car, I got a stone in my shoe, but I didn’t care. I could barely keep from tearing up as we headed to the arch.

There were so many people, and the pavilion looked beautiful. Someone made me take a second to look at it all put together, and I wish I would’ve stopped longer, but the processional music was already playing, and I was panicked that there would be a long awkward pause (there wasn’t), and we headed down the aisle.

For those wondering, the family and bridal party walked to Let Me Be Your Wings from Thumbelina, and my father and I walked to Soon from the same. Come on now, what would my wedding be without some animated classics? Our reception music was also instrumental arrangements of Disney songs.

I made these fairy balls to string in the pavilion.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and I was terrified I was going to put the ring on the wrong hand, stumble, or miss a cue. It was over so quickly; I can barely remember everything that was said.

We hadn’t intended on a receiving line but wound up having one anyway, which worked out well because I got to see everyone, especially as a few guests could only attend the ceremony and needed to leave immediately after.

I loved our officiant Lee Braithwaite.

I loved seeing everyone. I tried to make sure that I sat at each table during the reception and visited a bit, but I’m sure I missed people.

After we made it through the receiving line and while everyone was enjoying the tea and scones (which I sadly do not have a picture of), we took the family photos. By that time, I was SO tired that I opted out of staged photos with my groom. I was just DONE. I wanted to sit and drink something and enjoy the food and fellowship. Can you blame me?

Table settings and pavilion draping
Escort card tea bags – Our favors were cookies, so everyone got tea and cookies.


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