It’s Getting Closer

The wedding is just 40 days away now. That means I’m working double time to cross off all of the little projects on my list. Wedding shoes (which it looks like I may have to scrap because they hurt my feet) are finished, all of the plates, utensils and decorations are for the most part here and in storage, so there are just a few more projects like table numbers and music to go before the Big Day.

The Fellow’s grandmother had suggested a meet and greet with both of our families, so we hosted a BBQ yesterday. I got all of the wedding stuff moved out of the living room and into the craft room, and then the Fellow helped me get everything all clean and shiny for the visit. (I hate to mop.)

We  have a large back porch that was once screened in (and will be again just as soon as we can get to it). I asked my father to bring two picnic tables for us to use, and they both fit onto the porch (right inside our ring-of-bug-protection Tiki torches) perfectly! One of the tables he brought he especially made for us, so now we have our own table to host our outdoor events!

It was a great day. We had my parents, grandmother, and aunt and uncle and his mother, grandparents, sisters, oldest sister’s fiancé, and niece and nephew. A full house (or porch) for sure!
His grandmother brought us a beautiful flower arrangement from her garden that I’m enjoying as I sit here with my morning coffee.


I’m glad we got together, and I can’t wait for October!


Pennsic War 2017

It was Pennsic War week last week, my favorite time of  year. You can never expect a week at War to be any particular way. It’s always changing, and there’s always new adventures.

I was kept very busy this year, so there aren’t a ton of pictures for me to share, so this is a text-based post.

This year I was in charge of the kitchen which was certainly a new adventure. We made lots of yummy food on the cast iron and our 3-burner propane camp stove. I have some fun plans for next year, if I help again, now that I know the lay of the land.

One of  the best parts of my War was serving pancakes. At the bottom of the hill from our camp is a gypsy camp that serves food late at night throughout the week. They are perhaps most famous for serving grilled cheese sandwiches. I love to feed people, and when I roam about, I think the people serving always look like they are having the most fun, so I asked my group if they would mind me serving pancakes out of the front of our camp (since we’re right on a main route) to the wanderers who rambled by. It. Was. A. Blast.

We’re already planning on this for next year and fancy table banners are in the works!

Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Last week I went on an adventure with my friend S. She invited me to see an art exhibit at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley on Wednesday after work as it was their free admission day.

The exhibit we specifically went to see was an animal exhibit, but we walked around a few others as well, one of which was a collection of “miniatures.” Am I the only one who super fancy doll houses gives the creeps?


After the museum, we took advantage of our free entrance to walk through the Glen Burnie house, entertaining pavilion, and the gardens. When I was looking for a wedding venue, I had looked at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley website and viewed some pictures, but never visited. The gardens are beautiful as they roll from one themed garden into the next. Near the house is the herb garden and then further out are the Asian garden and water garden. The gardens end at a stone threshold into a large open field; it was so much fun to explore.


After our adventuring, we headed back to the car, only to discover that the car key had somehow worked its way off of S’s key ring. We checked at the admissions gate and the museum front desk to see if anyone had turned it in, but no luck, so we went through the whole adventure again retracing our steps.

It felt a little like the “Lion Hunting” song we sang in 4-H, calling out locations and working through them to find the lion. As usually happens, the key was found at the very last place we went – the threshold at the end of the gardens. Just as S said, “Now here would be a convenient place to find . . .” she looked down and there it was.


The universe just thought we needed as little extra time in nature that day is all.