Wedding Lace

If anyone ever tells you that weddings aren’t stressful, they either hired a realllly good planner or are lying.

Thankfully, after several stressful months, most of my wedding plans are made and set. We rented a park pavilion, reserved the caterers, and the wedding invites are ready to be addressed and sent.

However, there was one little detail left – the Wedding Dress. I found a dress a while back; it’s beautiful, but, unfortunately, having the winter that I did, it doesn’t fit. I was in a panic.

I worked at David’s Bridal for a while during college, so I know the timeline for ordering a wedding dress, and we were already at the deadline to order.

After talking to a few girls at work, who recently bought dresses at a little local shop called The Barn, I got a feel for their selection and price point and decided it couldn’t hurt, so I gave them a call.

Sometimes the universe just aligns and things are meant to be . . .  the voice on the other end of the phone belonged to Diane, this sweet woman who worked with me at David’s over 3 years ago. All the weight lifted off of my shoulders, when she said she knew exactly the type of dress I’d need. I was so excited for the appointment.

I asked my parents to come to the shop with me. Diane said that my father was the most involved of any of the fathers who have come in with their daughters.

I only had one requirement for this dress, keeping it within my very strict budget. There were plenty of dresses in my range and all of the bridesmaids’ dresses were also available in white. I had nearly decided on a dress when my parents went pitter-pattering up into the designer room.

Friends, when shopping for a wedding dress there is one rule: don’t pull above your price point. More expensive dresses are better cut, with better support and higher quality fabrics, and you. can. tell.

Somehow my parents pulled a Maggie Sottero dress – twice my budget. My father told me to go ahead and try it on, and I loved it before I even stepped in.

Kids, I’ve put at least one hundred women into their bridal dresses, and let me tell you maaaaaaaybe two actually did the whole big “Say Yes to the Dress” finale where they see themselves in the mirror and cry. Two – Out of One Hundred. I stepped up onto the platform, and the waterworks started.

IMG_20170517_201437_728 (1).jpg

I had such an amazing experience with Diane and The Barn. I’m notoriously indecisive and can be very self-conscious. They were patient and kind, respected my budget and offered me options. I am so grateful for the time they spent making sure that I was completely happy with my purchase, and I can’t wait to wear that dress on our big day!

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