Harry Potter Themed Party: Yer A Wizard, Harry

When Alan Rickman died, I wanted to throw a Harry Potter party and binge watch all of the movies with my friends, dressed as the characters, and drinking butter beer. I had all kinds of ideas and an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it, but it just never came to pass.

So I was beyond excited when I heard that my camping group’s monthly get-together was going to have a Harry Potter theme!

As I’m sure you remember from my Halloween posts, I love costumes, and, of course, I love tea. Therefore, it was a simple choice for my costume – the fabulously evil and pretentiously pink Dolores Umbridge.


Have you ever hated anyone more? She’s fabulously evil with her tea cups and Persian cat Patronus. I have a thing for movie villains, and I adore her.

For my costume, I found this wonderful jacket (which was just a wee bit tight) at Good Will and made a pink pillbox hat. I was unable to find a pencil skirt in pink to match, so I opted to wear my pink tulle skirt.


My wand was my favorite part of the costume. I used a dowel rod, whittled it to a point on the end, and covered it with hot glue, then painted. To finish it off, I found a sweet, little doll house teacup and saucer at Michael’s for the end of the wand.


There were two fire pits going as it was cold, and we had some marvelous wizardly foods to eat including Chocolate Frogs, Basilisk Eggs, Bertie’s Every Flavour Beans, some Golden Snitches, Butter Beer, and Mandrake cupcakes.



I made a sign post, house banners, and a fun “Have you seen this Wizard?” photo booth to add to the atmosphere.


We played quidditch. There was butter beer a plenty, good food, good company, and my favorite part of the evening, once the festivities had died down, singing around the fire. Absolutely a night to remember.


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