A Troll in Central Park

When I was a very, very small child, I remember visiting our neighbor, and she had the best selection of movies. I remember one of my favorites was A Troll in Central Park. Does anyone else remember this movie? It’s cute. Stanley, a troll with a green thumb, wants to grow flowers and garden, and the evil Gnorga, the queen of trolls, whose thumb turns things to stone, wants to stop him. You should check it out.

I’ve never been much of a Stanley, no green thumb whatsoever, but I keep trying. I’m quite proud that I’ve kept my little office plant alive as long as I have, and now I have a house with flower beds to keep alive – with roses!

I pruned back the roses bushes and some other bushes. My gardening knowledge basically was gleaned from multiple readings of A Secret Garden as a kid, so I’m hoping that I did this correctly.

The house had some work done to the septic system before we bought it, so there has been a dirt patch in the backyard all winter which has been bugging the Fellow, so we put down some grass seed.

I’m also hoping to fill in the space under my pine trees in the yard with some type of flowering ground cover and greens. I did a little Internet research and found that hostas may do ok in the acidic ground below pines, so I picked up some and planted them.

Fingers crossed! What are your favorite non-killable flower bed choices? Comment below!

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