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Guilty Pleasures

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Good Morning! I’ve been sleeping in until 6 lately, and I need to get my schedule reset back to waking up at 5, but it’s sooo hard!

It doesn’t help that I work the closing shift at work three days in a row. It’s so hard to get up when you don’t have to be anywhere until 11.

I like my morning time though; it lets me be productive before I’m so tired from my day. It also lets me watch some terrible TV. I’m a sucker for sappy dramas or girly shows. I’m also a sucker for terrible music. I once drove the entire way to Ocean City listening only to Meat Loaf the entire way. I guess bad TV and music are my guilty pleasures. I wonder how many guilty pleasures you get before you just need to admit that you have bad taste . . . I should probably figure that out.

One of the hardest things for me is finding time to work out. I have some workout DVDs, but I kinda despise them, so I was so excited when I went back to the gym this week and got my phone (which is incredibly finicky) to connect to the Wi-Fi. Now I get my workout time and my terrible TV time. Win!

What about you? What’s your guilty pleasure?

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