Curtains and Catastrophes

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Whew! It’s been a rough day. My car is having transmission troubles and is out of commission until we get her fixed, the washer machine is leaking all over the floor. The Fellow dropped me off at work an hour and a half early today, since I’m car-less, and I forgot my keys, so I spent the chilly morning outside. I spilled nail polish remover all over everything and got nail polish on my coat! One thing after another.

At least one good thing happened this week. We spent some much-needed time with good friends, and I got my curtains finished and up!

A new TV stand (with doors) is high on my list.

I love these curtains! Want to know a secret? They are actually shower curtains! I’ve been looking and looking for a pattern I liked, but I couldn’t find any traditional curtains that I liked.


I turned over the regular curtain holes and whip-stitched to create a channel to run the curtain rod through. I know that these curtains don’t have the usual ruffle at the top, but I like them anyway.

I also got the blinds and curtains up in the dining room thanks to a little manual labor I extorted from the Fellow and a friend with some blueberry pancakes.


My next big project will hopefully be a new kitchen table and chairs!

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  1. All that in one day!! it sure does sound like a TERRIBLE DAY!!! The part about standing outside in the cold is the worst. Your curtains look great😍😍. We love you💕

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