Guilty Pleasures

Good Morning! I’ve been sleeping in until 6 lately, and I need to get my schedule reset back to waking up at 5, but it’s sooo hard!

It doesn’t help that I work the closing shift at work three days in a row. It’s so hard to get up when you don’t have to be anywhere until 11.

I like my morning time though; it lets me be productive before I’m so tired from my day. It also lets me watch some terrible TV. I’m a sucker for sappy dramas or girly shows. I’m also a sucker for terrible music. I once drove the entire way to Ocean City listening only to Meat Loaf the entire way. I guess bad TV and music are my guilty pleasures. I wonder how many guilty pleasures you get before you just need to admit that you have bad taste . . . I should probably figure that out.

One of the hardest things for me is finding time to work out. I have some workout DVDs, but I kinda despise them, so I was so excited when I went back to the gym this week and got my phone (which is incredibly finicky) to connect to the Wi-Fi. Now I get my workout time and my terrible TV time. Win!

What about you? What’s your guilty pleasure?


Fuzzy Socks

Well, we finally got our winter snow one week before the first day of spring. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

We had a two-hour delay at work which was nice. I got up and made a crock-pot of vegetable beef stew and did some laundry.

It took a little longer than anticipated to get my car dug out. Just when I was finishing . . . the snow came down off the trees, and it needed to be dug out again! Persevered, got it out, and the old buggy made it to work.

After a low-staffed short day (with a full day’s work crammed in), I was so glad to get home to my fuzzy socks.The fellow picked me up this pair over the weekend and they are by far the fuzziest cozy-est most snuggly pair I have!

Fuzzy socks have been my favorite thing this winter. I have a few fuzzy blankets that I love to snuggle up in, but this year I’ve also been rocking the fuzzy socks. Nothing beats being all cozied up in a warm, fuzzy blanket, holding a hot cup of tea or coffee, and wearing some fuzzy socks.


Maryland Heights

Hey, kids! I just realized that I didn’t share my hiking adventure from a few weeks ago with you.

I’m really trying to get myself in shape. I’ve had a rough few months what with winter and some minor health issues, but I’m putting an emphasis on nutrition and vitamins, and I am starting to get back on track.

When I was in college, everybody went to Harper’s Ferry on the weekends, and practically everyone had the same picture of them up on Maryland Heights. I’ve been saying I want to go to Harper’s Ferry for probably two years now, but I just never made the time to go.

Two weekends ago, the Fellow and I managed to have a day off together, and we went. I finally got my picture.


The Fellow’s rolls through everything like a tank pace is much brisker than mine, so I could’ve used more of a leisurely pace rather than full speed ahead, but we made it.

The whole thing is one uphill climb, and at one point it’s very rocky. Being an incredibly clumsy sort, I consider myself lucky that I only tripped once or twice and didn’t roll my ankle or roll off the mountain.


We packed a backpack and had a PB&J picnic at the top overlook. I sent my poor mother the last picture and all she said back was, “let me know when you’re safely back on the ground.”

He loves me; he carried the pack.

So much fun and I can’t wait for our next adventure! We’ve got plans for the end of March which I can’t wait to share with you.


Curtains and Catastrophes

Whew! It’s been a rough day. My car is having transmission troubles and is out of commission until we get her fixed, the washer machine is leaking all over the floor. The Fellow dropped me off at work an hour and a half early today, since I’m car-less, and I forgot my keys, so I spent the chilly morning outside. I spilled nail polish remover all over everything and got nail polish on my coat! One thing after another.

At least one good thing happened this week. We spent some much-needed time with good friends, and I got my curtains finished and up!

A new TV stand (with doors) is high on my list.

I love these curtains! Want to know a secret? They are actually shower curtains! I’ve been looking and looking for a pattern I liked, but I couldn’t find any traditional curtains that I liked.


I turned over the regular curtain holes and whip-stitched to create a channel to run the curtain rod through. I know that these curtains don’t have the usual ruffle at the top, but I like them anyway.

I also got the blinds and curtains up in the dining room thanks to a little manual labor I extorted from the Fellow and a friend with some blueberry pancakes.


My next big project will hopefully be a new kitchen table and chairs!