DIY Rope Flower Basket

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I am loving the weather this week! I swept off the back porch and sat out and read one night, and we took a few walks.

I’m still working on getting the house together. I’m missing some furniture. I have plans for a farmhouse table and a sideboard for the entrance way, but those projects are still in the future.

Right now I’m working on the living room/dining room area. I have some curtains up, but they aren’t my favorite, so I’ve been on the lookout for something better, and I think I found something unexpected, but good. I’ll share that with you in a later post, once I have everything up.

For today I want to share with you my latest DIY project. I have been trying to keep up with keeping my mantle decorated for each season, but since Christmas it’s felt a bit bare. I’ve toyed with the idea of these DIY boxes as wedding centerpieces and wanted to make a mock-up. It was super easy and looks great next to my white owls.


Supplies needed:

Cardboard Box
Hot Glue
Fake Flowers


I used an oatmeal box to make my box. Since I already had made a large one for the side, I cut the box down a bit to make it shorter. The top edges were raw, so I started at the top of the box to ensure they were covered. From there I wound the rope around the box, hot gluing as I went.


I love the result! What do you think? Wedding centerpieces?

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