Blue Monday

Hi, friends!

Did you know that this Monday was “Blue Monday“? I’ve got to say I felt it.

Truthfully, I’ve had a blue week. I’ve been sick and just have no energy whatsoever. I’m looking forward to the weekend. It’s been warming up a little as we get toward the middle of January, and I’m hoping that the weather holds. I want to go explore some trails in the area – I miss the sunshine.

Aside from soaking up what winter vitamin D I can, my weekend plans are all SCA-geared. I’ve worried and stressed and planned all the wedding stuff I can handle this month, and I want to focus on some fun projects.

I got a Michael’s gift card for Christmas, and I’m going to (finally) pick up a beginners’ carving kit, place my linen order, and maybe even head to Jo-Ann’s for some instant fabric gratification, so I can get a jump on some other projects. I also have wanted to make a batch of mead, and the Fellow said he’d help, so I’ll hit up the local brewery supply store! I’m sure that this will be a most entertaining story for you later.

Here’s hoping the coffee and vitamin packs pay off, and I get to everything on my list!

While this week was blue, last week we had our Marvelous Midweek at work. Originally planned for the first Friday of the new year, we postponed due to snow and on Wednesday everyone wore their fancy clothes.

We had tiaras and flat caps, prom dresses and curled mustaches; it was fun! I was originally going to wear an old bridesmaid dress, but I had forgotten how uncomfortable I was at the wedding when I wore the dress the first time and opted for comfort. I borrowed a groomsman’s gift of the Fellow’s from the last wedding he was in – a  Tux T-shirt. I paired it with a full crinoline skirt, and I had to share the outfit with you. I loved it!

Bow ties are cool!


Sorry for the picture quality!



Here Comes Suzy Snowflake

I discovered “Here Comes Suzy Snowflake” over Christmas. It’s a cute little song, and I love anything by Rosemary Clooney.

It seems like the last few years it’s been waiting to snow until after the New Year. I’ve been waiting for it this year. (I really wanted some before Christmas, but what can you do?)

My grandmother volunteers at a hospital gift shop, and I asked her to check the gift shop for some snowflake earrings on clearance. When I got up on Thursday, it smelled like snow and after I checked the forecast, I was wishing I had the earrings to wear to work. I was so excited when I opened the mailbox to see she had sent them to me as she didn’t know when we were getting together next. They’re perfect!!


The new house means that I can also enjoy the view from my window and not stress about driving over half an hour on a major highway. The road to work is a snow emergency route, so it’s pretty much always clear. I went to bed ready to wear my snowflake earrings and ready for a snow day.


The world was quiet when I woke up yesterday. No matter where I live there is something magical about waking up on a snowy morning when the normal sounds of the outside world are muffled by a soft, white blanket of snow.