Halloween: Lions and Vampires, Oh My!

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First of all, I am writing this from the one piece of furniture in my newly purchased house. I am SO excited. All kinds of DIY and updates will be coming soon, I’m sure!

But for now let’s focus on this past weekend. Have I mentioned that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays? I think I may have just barely mentioned it once or twice . . . I love, love, love it!

I love DIY costumes, especially ones that allow me to bust out my special effects makeup. I try not to duplicate costumes, but I do sometimes revisit ideas.

High School and College Vampire Costumes

One of the costumes that I’ve done at least two other times in different variations is a vampire. This year I went as a half-starved vampiress looking for her blood donor.

My plan was full-piled Victorian hair, ruffled shirt, and vintage shoes. However, there was a last-second scheduling shift, and I was called into work two hours early, and I couldn’t dig out all of my costumes pieces. I ended up with my full hair and a flowery high/low dress with ruffled sweater and black boots. My boss told me I looked like one of the Vampire Diaries vampires.

The secret to my vampire look is always my Scarecrow fangs. They really kick it up a notch and are inexpensive. My set was maybe $15.00 at the local Hot Topic.

For our couples costume, (Have I mentioned that my fellow really, really loves me?) I was dead set on being a lion tamer from the circus and having him be a strong man.


I couldn’t find a red and white striped shirt in a store whatsoever. I was going to order one online, but they were at least $25.00, and we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to make it to our party anyway, so I ended up grabbing a $7.00 lion accessory kit from Wal-mart just in case.


Look. At. How. Cute. That. Tail. Is. Seriously, I could die from the cute. He actually kept it on for about an hour, which is much longer than I expected.


We had delicious food, drank out of a giant pumpkin, carved jack-o-lanterns, went to a haunted house, and sang around a campfire. Absolutely everything I always want Halloween to be!

I can’t wait to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids next year!


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