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I’m so excited to share our engagement photos with you today!

Looking through these, I kept thinking about the Princess Bride and her “Farm boy, poor and perfect.”  If you haven’t seen it, it’s one of the best movies of all time (seriously); you must watch it!

The Fellow, being the wonderful man that he is, let me have free reign over theme and wardrobe. I wanted a vintage feel and had been dying to wear the crinoline I scored at Goodwill a little while ago.

All of the ruffles!

We asked his grandmother to do our photos as she does photography as a hobby, and I am so pleased with how they came out!

I had my heart set on taking our pictures on an old stone bridge. We went to Sharpsburg, MD to the Antietam Battlefield where we know of two such bridges, and unfortunately both were being restored and were blocked off, covered with plastic, and had construction pieces and dumpsters right next to them. I was crestfallen.

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We decided to stop at the Sherrick House where I could at least have some pictures with a stone wall. A friend at work gave me the adorable picnic basket in the pictures for my birthday, and between it and the historic house, our romantic, vintage bridge photo shoot was turned into the sweetest, vintage, farm, picnic photo shoot, and I just loved it!

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