Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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Everyone knows that song, right? No? Go listen; then come back.

Fall is campfire weather, and I’m all about it! I’m in charge of our team at work’s bulletin board, and I went with a camping theme.

I was a bit concerned about how it would turn out as my campfire was much bigger than the tent, and the background poster board wasn’t as large as it needed to be, but I think it turned out cute. The stars list all of our team members.


S’mores are one of my favorite treats, and I was a bit skeptical when I found s’mores-flavored coffee flavoring, but it is sooo yummy. It even has that smokey flavor!

I eat s’mores all year round. What’s not to love about crunchy, gooey, chocolatey deliciousness? They’re pretty easy to make indoors as well.

I make mine in the toaster oven. I pop the whole thing directly on the rack – graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. (I usually end up using mini marshmallows as that’s what I have on hand.) The toaster oven browns the marshmallows and melts the chocolate. You need to keep an eye on them though because the graham crackers can burn if left too long.


If you don’t have a toaster oven, the next best thing it to toast your marshmallows over an oven burner. (I don’t recommend candles as they release the scents/chemicals into the food.)

My third option is the messiest. You can microwave your marshmallows for about 10 seconds. Be forewarned; they get HUGE, and the marshmallow becomes more plastic-y and stretches.

When I can get to a camp fire though, that’s my absolute favorite choice for a s’more. Nothing beats that authentic campfire taste and going to sleep with the lingering scent in your hair, still humming campfire songs.



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