I’m cheating

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Shhhh . . .  I’m cheating! I’m cheating on my tea with coffee that is.

I love my tea, and after 10:00 AM you’re more than likely to see a “Cuppa Rosie” (rhyming slang for tea – actually a really neat side language you should check out!) in my hand, but most mornings I need some java in my life.

I fully blame work for this addiction. I made it through college without drinking the stuff daily, but work has made it a necessity, and a convenient one, since I’m just two feet from the coffee pot.

Coffee gives me energy. I don’t know that I particularly like it; it’s not the same experience as tea (A blog post for another day will have to be the experience of “taking” tea.), but it does exactly what I need it to – wake me up and keep me moving.

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I’m kicking around coffee options for my tiny apartment. I currently drink instant coffee when I need a cup at home. Yes, coffee purists, go ahead with a horrified gasp, spew out that mouthful of gormet coffee as you shriek in terror. Instant coffee. It works for me, and since I’m not a huge true “coffee person,” I throw some milk and flavor in there and I’m good – time to start my day.

Seriously though, people are insanely picky about their coffee. I’m pretty serious about my tea, but my rules are basically this: no Lipton tea (and even then there are exceptions if  I’m desperate for a cup), and I must have real milk (even almond milk works), but not coffee creamer. Two rules.

I think the most likely candidate for my coffee needs will end up being a small French press as I have my electric tea kettle already, and it can get tucked in a cabinet instead of living on my counter top, but we will see.

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