“Endorphins Make You Happy – Happy People Don’t Kill Their Husbands.”

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I’ve started running again and dragged a few friends into it with me. Our goal is to run a half marathon in November. (If I can find time to train, and my legs don’t give out. I’m feeling pretty sore!)

I headed out this morning, deciding to try to find a safe place to run outside instead of the treadmill at the gym.

I ended up walking most of the time instead of running – I’d forgotten what a difference those hills actually make. In addition to the hills, I’d forgotten how enjoyable it is to walk and think.

There were many miles I walked with a portable cd player and my “Les Miserables” sound track in high school.

On this walk, I mulled over some things in my current reality: living in an apartment and yearning for a house, work, and the Fellow and I’s wedding next year.

After pondering some wedding invite and logistics details I’ve been struggling with, I thought about an article my boss had sent me. This particular article spoke about keeping yourself from falling down the “rabbit hole” of a bad mood. The author often goes for a walk to puzzle through issues or lift her mood. It was sent to me as a suggestion for our Wellness Wednesday email blast for the week.

I love that this is something that my employer wishes to share with her employees, which got me to thinking about mindset and the way we handle life experiences and the choices we make. I am very grateful for certain influences in my life. My parents, work and employer, the Fellow, and a few key friends spring to mind immediately.

Everyone tells you that “Communication is Key,” but no one teaches you ways to healthily communicate. My fellow does a wonderful job of not letting me fight and making us talk things out. One of the things we covered at my work orientation was the concept of “Choice.” Every day we are faced with choices. If we get stuck in traffic, we can choose to meet the frustration with a gentle acceptance or let it color our entire day.

I struggle daily and still find myself falling down the rabbit hole sometimes, but I’m grateful for the people, places, and experiences that have shown me that unhealthy communication isn’t the norm and the importance of actively working to communicate in a healthy way. My life and relationships have been drastically changed for the better because of them.

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