WV Road Trip: Day 1

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So far on our WV travels, we’ve been in 51 of the 55 counties. We hit 18 of those counties during this last mini-road trip.


We started out from the house around seven Friday morning. (I enjoyed sleeping in!) We asked Daddy Thursday night if we needed to eat at the house or if we would eat on the road. He said we’d eat on the road. In the morning, we packed up, grabbed some coffee, and headed out.

An hour or so into the trip, I was anxious for breakfast so we asked Daddy what he had in mind. (My father always has a plan.) He had absolutely no recollection of our conversation, and we were in the middle of nowhere.

We kept driving and stopped at the first gas station we saw for a restroom break and to see if there was any restaurant nearby. The attendant said that Melanie’s up the road was pretty good. We headed in that direction and turned in. It turns out that I had gone to high school with the waitress. When she and I started chatting, my father realized that he had gone to school with her father. She texted her dad and he joined us for our meal. Our breakfast was amazing. Homemade cinnamon toast, need I say more.

After breakfast, we hit the road again. We stopped at a small general store in Cool Springs for some flowers, penny candies, and snacks. They also had a display of antique steam machinery (and a llama) which my father was excited about (the machinery, my mother was excited about the llama).

Our first destination was Grafton and the birthplace of Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis is the woman who created Mother’s Day. After getting lost and missing the road a few times, Daddy pulled over at a pizza joint to get directions. While he was in talking to the waitresses, we met the cutest little fellow by the name of Ozzy hanging out in an old Impala in the parking lot. Directions in hand we made it to the homestead. We walked around the homestead and stopped in the gift shop.


Near Grafton we kept seeing bicyclists involved in the Race Across America. I’ve wanted to do a bike ride with WV State 4-H called Outspoken for a few years, but I am terrified of biking down off of a mountain; these guys were just pedaling along up and down some incredibly steep hills.

Aside from our WV road trip, my parents went on a small day trip for their anniversary earlier this month. When in Unger, WV, they saw the Muffler Men. My mother decided that since there were some other Muffler Men in the parts of WV we were going to this weekend, we’d try to work them in.


We went to see the Native American Muffler Man in Parkersburg and got a few pictures with him. Daddy thought he was clever for wearing his Indian motorcycle shirt. From there we headed over to JR’s Doughnut Castle for one of the 12 Best Pepperoni Rolls in WV.


If you donut (I’m sorry, I really am.) know what a pepperoni roll is they are a delicious WV treat! There has been some dilution of true pepperoni rolls to include cheese or “shudder” pizza sauce. But I’m a purist. When we got to the castle, my mother asked what type we should get and I informed her that we came for pepperoni rolls and by golly that’s what we were going to get.

We also loaded up on bear claws, amazing cannolis, doughnuts, scones and muffins for snacks and the next morning’s breakfast.

After Parkersburg it was pretty much a straight shot to Point Pleasant and our first night’s hotel.

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