There’s A Ring On The Carousel

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“There’s a Ring on the Carousel and It’s Yours If You Only Grab It.”

My gal pals (who I had tea with the other day) wanted to do a girls’ get-away.  If we all recollect correctly, S and K had gone to an amusement park together, as did K and I, but we don’t believe the three of us had ever before went together. This past weekend we piled in the car and headed up above Harrisburg to Knoebels Park.

I remember going to an amusement park with a giant, old carousel where you could still grab those brass rings as a kid. I had thought that the park I went to as a child had closed down, but as it turns out I had combined memories and Knoebels Park is still thriving!


Knoebels is a no admission park; you pay by the ride – like a carnival. It is similar to Dinosaur Land in that it has some walk-thru attractions and a lot of figures/props made from fiberglass. We went on the carousel, an old wooden roller coaster, the haunted house, tilt- a – whirl, Ferris Wheel, and the tea cups. (because really, when would I ever pass up an opportunity to get inside a giant teacup?).  I’d forgotten how much I love roller coasters!


But for me the big pull was the carousel. Carousels are one of those things like birdcages, chandeliers, skeleton keys, and grandfather clocks that I have a soft spot for.


There is something magical about the music and the intricate carved horses and reaching out for that brass ring!

I can never pass one up, I find them romantic. As a matter of fact, the girls and I were discussing how cute a carnival-themed engagement shoot would be at this park!


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