Into the woods but not too long: The skies are strange, The winds are strong.

Do you ever just get fixated on doing something and nothing will make you happy until you do it? I get a bee in my bonnet like that from time to time and this weekend was no exception.

It was pretty and I was tired of being cooped up indoors, and I wanted to go on a picnic.

A while back, the fellow and I came across a couple having a yard sale giving away a bunch of stuff including some wedding gifts (Shhh . . . Don’t tell!). Included in their pile of goodies was Disney’s Tangled on Blu-ray, an electronic fondue set, and this awesome picnic basket!


I’ve been wanting to use the picnic basket for a while, but we hadn’t gotten around to it. So I made some turkey sandwiches and an impromptu apple cinnamon oatmeal dessert, and we headed to a nearby park. It was so nice to just sit and eat and chat outside. Next time I think we will make a morning of it and head somewhere where we can spread a blanket on the ground. I need to find a nice cloth buffalo check tablecloth!

On another note, recently at work my boss was talking about a local landmark, and then a friend mentioned it as well: Dinosaur Land.


Somehow in my 24 years of bizarre trips, I had never managed to hear of Dinosaur Land, let alone go there. As a child, I remember going to Dutch Wonderland and a few small amusement parks. We’ve gone on history jaunts and driven to Gettysburg just to get a cup of tea. I’ve seen giant rocking chairs and the World’s Largest Tea Pot, but I somehow missed this classic gem.

However, all that changed this weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, I made it to Dinosaur Land!

A friend was going down to the Shenandoah Valley Flea Market on Sunday anyway and was shocked to learn I’d never gone to Dinosaur Land, so we made a day of it and went to both. Nothing I love more than cheesy road trips and flea markets or antiquing so I was in!

What is Dinosaur Land, you ask? It is a remnant from the past. A roadside attraction from the ‘50s featuring fiberglass models (and informative signs) inviting visitors to step into the world of the prehistoric past, “turning back the pages of time to the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs were the only creatures that roamed the earth” (so sayest their website). For $6.00, you wander a gravel path twisting through time. There are also some great photo ops with Jaws and you can even sit in King Kong’s hand!

We wandered around and took so many pictures!  Even the Fellow joined in in the fun.


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