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I have a list at my desk that I started when I began working for my company. This list is three columns long and includes everything that I have been called that is not my name.

I’ve been called Candy, Kitty, Pete, June, Tee Dee, Dee, Karen, Cathy, and Gary. Yes, Gary.

I’m not sure what is so confusing about my name. I think it’s mainly that the person on the other end of my phone line is ruffling through papers, looking for information, and dealing with customers for the first few seconds of the call, so it’s easy to get distracted.

That being said, I’ve gotten really used to explaining and spelling my name. (Any other ‘90s kids out there who never found a personalized souvenir at the beach?) So, I totally get it and try to be sensitive when other people have difficult-to-spell names.

The other day I was having a really rough day. I was behind on some things and had been working with an extremely upset customer for over an hour and a half and was hurrying to get some things out to my team, and I committed a cardinal sin: I didn’t proofread an email!

Luckily for me, the email only went out to about 5 team members. In the email, I listed names and tasks which needed completed. One of these team members is a very sweet wonderful lady named Kayla.

Kayla’s last same is spelled something along the lines of Sub*********e. (Seriously, I cannot spell her name without looking it up . . .) I usually just shorten it to Sub in my rough draft. I typed her last name as best I could intending to go back and fix it before clicking send; however, in my haste, the email went out to KAYLA SUBMARINE. Yes, in all caps. Thanks, auto-correct.

Thankfully, she brought it to me laughing and thought it was very funny. It definitely was good to get a big belly laugh at the end of a hard day. I’ve chuckled about it a few times this week and figured I could use it to fuel my latest craft.

I keep seeing these adorable felt animals and scenes on Pinterest and have wanted to try one out, so I figured I’d make a little felt submarine to hang from Kayla’s shelf.

Every submarine picture I found was of a yellow submarine. (I can thank the Beatles for that.) I opted for shades of blue.



I’d love to see your take on these submarines. Feel free to right click and print the template and share!

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