Comfort in a Cookie

I can smell spring, can’t you? I am so excited. We’re not quite there yet, but it’s coming.

Until it gets here though, I thought I’d experiment with a warm cozy recipe.

Two things that I love: tea and cookies. A special treat for me is a cup of Chai. Chai tea is warm, spicy, frothy, and delicious. However, I usually don’t splurge five dollars for a single warm beverage.

Sometimes I just have to have my chai fix, so I was excited to find an affordable powdered chai mix! It’s from Pacific Chai and is around $4.00 at Wal-Mart. One container makes about 13 servings. At 38 cents a cup, that is a price I can handle.


I also love drop cookies. They are easy and homey. I had made a batch of snickerdoodles  during the blizzard and thought that I could convert that recipe into a chai cookie to create a spicy and delicious comforting treat.

I added two tablespoons of the powdered chai mix to the regular snickerdoodle recipe, and it worked awesomely! The first bite tastes like your traditional snickerdoodle and it follows with that wonderful spicy chai flavor.


I gave a few plates away on a plain white plate with a ribbon and a Twinings Chai Tea bag to follow the theme.


Tell me what you think