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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is one of those holidays that I love because I get to just enjoy the holiday. Major holidays carry an incredible amount of stress for me, enough that I dread November and December. I love the minor holidays because I get to bake fun-themed cookies and meals and have parties. I can decorate and bust out my hot glue gun and do crafts and put together fun little presents.

This Valentine’s Day hasn’t been a let-down. I’ve got the fellow’s gift basket all put together and the table set. I’d like to have dinner ready when he gets here, but most of the meal doesn’t keep so I expect we will end up cooking the meal together which is something I really enjoy.

I cook because a gal can’t really live off of cookies, regardless of how much I want to try, but I love to bake! Cheesecake is one of my fellow’s favorite desserts and something I’ve only recently began experimenting with. We’re trying to eat a little healthier, so I wanted to do something special without having a whole cheesecake sitting in my fridge.

I use the Kraft cheesecake recipe and I quartered it. I was unsure how reducing the recipe would work out, but it seems to have been just fine. A friend at work gave me a mini spring form pan and a few mini tart pans (Are we seeing a theme with me and mini foods?). The quartered recipe made one spring form pan.

I plan on topping the cheesecakes with a peach topping. I make this on occasion as a sweet and healthy treat. I cut the peaches into pieces and cook them down in a pan on medium heat with a little brown sugar. We usually just eat it plain, but this works well with some whipped cream, ice cream, or in this case on top of cheesecake!

For the rest of dinner, I’ve been craving shrimp and crab legs and figured I’d use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to indulge. Crab legs and shrimp are one of those foods that my father makes and I get to enjoy – like steak. The fellow and I have gotten pretty good at making steak (not quite like Daddy grills it but what can ya do?), so tonight we’re going to try our hand at not only steak but shrimp and crab legs too.

Might as well jump into the deep end. My stomach is already rumbling!






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