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Hello, Everyone!

Last weekend would have been the perfect time to start this little blog.

Winter Storm (Blizzard 2016) Jonas had us all stuck in our homes from Friday through Sunday. Some people were even stuck until Monday or Tuesday! Every weekend it seems I have something going on or somewhere to go, even if it is just grocery shopping. The beauty of a blizzard is that there is no going out no matter what plans you had. I enjoyed spending the weekend cuddled up with crafts and hot tea (and soup, and hot cocoa, and cookies… I did a lot of indulging…) but I didn’t quite get around to writing about them until now.

I’m not sure the intent of this little blog. I definitely will be posting a lot of crafts and any of the odd creative things I get myself into. There will undoubtedly be a lot of tea and baking and most likely some of the various thoughts that I find myself fixating on.

Who knows what this will end up being -but not knowing is the greatest adventure and I hope that you

will journey on with me!


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